I am a prosecutor/solicitor. Can I eFile an accusation?

Absolutely! Here’s how…..

  1. Click  New Accusation  from the top menu.
  2. Select the County and Court you wish to eFile into.
  3. Add the related warrant case numbers if applicable (not required).
  4. Click  Next. 
  5. Click  Add New Party  to add the defendant(s).
  6. Select representation as the State of Georgia.
  7. Click  Next. 
  8. Select the document type of  Indictment/Accusation.
  9. Click the cloud to add a pdf file and click  Upload.
  10. Click  Next.
  11. Add opposing counsel for eService if applicable.
  12. Click  Next.
  13. Click  Next again to proceed past the Payment page.
  14. Review the summary, click  Submit, and await acceptance by the clerk.

    It’s that simple!

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