What is PeachCourt+?

You’re not shy. You’ve told us how much time you waste sending notices of leave and searching your archives to find file-stamped documents. You asked us for an easy way to add and remove eService recipients from your cases and to get an alert when something is added to a case of interest.

We listened. Introducing¬†PeachCourt+, a new service that relieves your pain and lightens your load. Here’s what’s included in each subscription:

Notice of Leave Wizard

eFile your Notice of Leave in all your cases across the PeachCourt Universe with just a few clicks. 


Your Document Library

Enjoy a repository of all your file-stamped documents, sortable and searchable, available forever.


Easier eService Management

Review the service recipients for each case and add anyone who's missing, all from one page.



Automagic Notices of Paper Filings

Get an email alert as soon as a paper document is added to the docket in one of your cases.


Follow Any Case

Get an email alert as soon as any document - electronic or paper - is added to any case you are following.



What do you need to get started? Less than a minute. Jump in now and enjoy the Notice of Leave Wizard right away. In a few short weeks, you’ll enjoy the additional benefits described above. Subscribe today!