When initiating a new case on PeachCourt, what are my service options?

PeachCourt gives you all of the service options that currently exist in each County, we just do a few things to make service a bit easier on you.

  • Sheriff’s Service Coordinated by Clerk: The $50 sheriff service fee will be added to the fees paid at the time of eFiling, and no further action will be required by the filer. PeachCourt will automatically generate the Sheriff’s Entry of Service, and the clerk will deliver the service copies and the $50.00 fee directly to the sheriff. (Some courts charge an additional service packet fee for preparing the service packet for delivery to the sheriff. The service packet fee will be assessed and charged at the time of eFiling for applicable courts.)
  • Sheriff’s Service Coordinated by Filer: This option places the responsibility on the filer. The filer is responsible for paying the fee and delivering all documents to the Sheriff’s Office outside of PeachCourt. PeachCourt will still create the Sheriff’s Entry of Service for you.
  • Hold for Special Process Server: This option informs the clerk that you will be picking up your documents from the clerk’s office and serving all defendants by Special Process Server. Local rules relating to Special Process Servers still apply.
  • Service Coordinated by Filer This popular option leaves the responsibility of coordinating service solely with the filer. PeachCourt will not automatically generate the Sheriff’s Entry of Service and the clerk’s office will not print the documents.
  • Filing Acknowledgement of Service and Filing Waiver of Service both require no further action from the filer as no service is necessary.

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