This is my first time eFiling. What do I do?

First things first, you will need to register for a PeachCourt account. (Click here for a guide to getting registered.)

Now you’re ready to eFile!

If you are initiating a new civil action:

  1. Click “New Case”.
  2. Enter the county, court, and case type. Click Next.
  3. Add parties, click who you represent, and select service. Click Next. (Click here for a description of service options.) 
  4. Upload your complaint followed by any additional documents you wish to file. Click Next. (Click here for tips on document uploads.)
  5. Select your payment. Click Next (Click here for a list of payment options)
  6. If everything looks good in the summary, click “Submit”.

If you are filing into an existing civil action:

  1. Click “Case Search”
  2. Select the county and court and search by case number or party name.
  3. Click on your case and then select “File into this case”.
  4. Select the party you represent from the parties page. Click Next.
  5. Upload as many documents as you would like. Click Next (Click here for tips on document uploads.)
  6. Review the list of eService recipients and add additional recipients if desired. Click Next (Click here for information about eService.)
  7. Select your payment. Click Next (Click here for a list of payment options)
  8. If everything looks good on the summary page, click “Submit”.

Now just wait on the clerk’s office to review your filing! If accepted, you will receive your filed copies by email. If rejected, you will receive an email with a reason for rejection and a link to correct and resubmit your filing. (Click here for information about rejections if needed.)

Thank you for choosing PeachCourt!

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