What is eService (notice of filing)?

When you file any documents after the initial┬ácomplaint or petition, you have the obligation to notify opposing counsel (“service”). Whether you eFile or file paper documents, you still have this responsibility.

During the eFiling process, you can identify people to receive eService. As soon as the clerk accepts your filing, PeachCourt will send an email notification to each person you identify. The notification will include a description of your filing and a link to download a PDF of each document you eFiled.

eService when eFiling is NOT Mandatory:
When you are permitted, but not required, to eFile, you are permitted, but not required, to use eService to provide notification of filing.

eService when eFiling IS Mandatory:
When you are required to eFile, you are required to use eService to notify attorneys. In general, if the other party is not represented by an attorney, you are not required to use eService. Please check with the court in question to make sure you are aware of the prevailing rules.

Acquiescence to eService:
Any person, attorney or otherwise, who has registered as a PeachCourt user has agreed to receive notice of filing via PeachCourt eService.

Don’t Forget:
PeachCourt will only automagically add eFilers of Record in the case you are eFiling into for eService. Always review the list of service recipients on the Electronic Service page to ensure all intended recipients are included. You can add additional recipients from the PeachCourt user search option or by adding an email address under the Non-PeachCourt user section.

*As the filer you will not see yourself listed on the Electronic Service page. This is because you will automagically receive a copy of your filings.

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