What and where is the Account Settings page?

How to get to the Account Settings page:

  1. Sign in to your PeachCourt account.
  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click your name to display the dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Account Settings” to view, you guessed it, your account settings.

What information is saved on the Account Settings Page?

  • Email Address
    • This email address will receive all PeachCourt notifications.
    • This will also be the email address used to log into this PeachCourt Account.
    • For steps editing this email address Click Here!
  • Additional Copy Email Address
    • Add additional email addresses to receive a copy of all PeachCourt notifications and file-stamped documents that are sent to you. Use a semicolon to separate multiple email addresses.
    • For steps editing these email addresses Click Here!
  • User Information
    • This information (Name, Address and Phone Number) will need to be the name of the person who is filing documents. If you are filing for an attorney, you will need to make sure their name appears here. This will also be the name and address used on any System Generated Documents.
  • Firm Name, Bar Number, and State Bar Membership will be required. (For Attorney Accounts Only)
  • Personal Payment Accounts
    • You can review any payments that have been added by viewing the Account Nickname, Account Type and the last 4 digits of the account/card number. (For security purposes, additional information cannot be opened/viewed after it is saved to the account.)
    • To remove any Payment Methods, click the red “Delete” box to the far right of the payment information line.
    • To add a payment, click Add Payment Account and enter the required information, then save.
      • Please note, if you are a part of a Firm Account in PeachCourt, you may not have any Payment Methods in the Account Settings page. Payments made with Payment Methods saved under this page will not appear on the Administrator’s Billing Report at this time.
  • Default Payment Method
    • This dropdown will show all Payment Methods that have been saved to your Account Settings page and/or your Firm’s Account Settings page.
    • Use this dropdown to select the payment you will be using at the time of filing to skip selecting the Payment Method on the Payment page of your filing or Document Purchase.
      • Please note, payments saved under the Account Settings page will show (Personal Accounts) and payments saved under the Firm Account Settings will show (Firm Accounts).
  • Security Questions
    • These are used if you are unable to log in and need to reset the password.
    • For steps to editing a question or answer Click Here!
  • Be sure to click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of this page if any information is updated.
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