Can I edit eService recipients without eFiling anything?

With PeachCourt+, you can! (Along with many other exciting extras!)

If you haven’t taken advantage of becoming a PeachCourt+ subscriber, click here to find out how.

If you are already a PeachCourt+ subscriber, here’s what you do…

  1. Go to your My Cases page
  2. Click on the green arrow to the left of the case entry and click Manage eService List.
  3. Search for PeachCourt users and click the + sign to add them to the eService list. You may also type in an email address using the box provided.
  4. Click Save.That’s it! We’ll even remember your changes for the next time you file into the case!

*If you want to add someone to receive automatic notifications for all eFilings, i.e. a new attorney in the case, the user will need to eFile into the case.

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