What email notifications should I expect to receive from PeachCourt?

There are only five types of notifications you can expect to receive from PeachCourt:

Filing confirmation: As soon as your eFiling is submitted, we send you a confirmation email. This just lets you know that your filing is now pending review by the clerk. It will also include a breakdown of fees which can be used as a receipt.

Notice of acceptance: If the clerk’s office accepts your filing (fingers crossed), we will send you (and your additional copy email addresses) a second email that contains your file-stamped copies. Now THIS is what you came for!

Notice of rejection: If the clerk’s office rejects your filing (rejection can be harsh, we know), notification of the rejection with a link for correcting and re-submitting your filing will be sent to the account holder and additional copy emails.

Notice of service: A notice of service for eFilings will be sent to the PeachCourt users selected by the filer(including that user’s courtesy copies), eFilers of Record in the case, or to the typed email addresses provided on the Electronic Service page by the filer.

Document purchase receipt: A receipt for document purchases will be sent to the account holder and additional copy emails within 24 hours of your purchase.


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