Transactions are not on my firm billing report that should be. Why?

No worries! The explanation is long, but the solution is simple. Let’s get you back on track….

The most likely reason that this is occurring is due to firm users not selecting the firm payment method when eFiling or making document purchases.

Let us explain…..

There are two areas in PeachCourt that payment information is stored. One is under the Personal Payment Accounts section in the individual account settings of every user; the other is under the Firm Payment Method section of the firm account settings accessible by the firm administrator.

If a Firm Payment Method is set up in the firm account settings, every active user linked to the firm will see this payment method when initiating a transaction; however, they will also see the payment options stored in their Personal Payment Accounts in their individual account settings. Even if the exact same card or bank account is stored in both places, only transactions for the option designated as the firm account and indicated with the firm name in parenthesis will be displayed in the billing report.

Other less common possibilities may be that a user in your firm is not actively linked to the firm account or no firm payment method is set up in your firm account settings.

The Solution…

Make sure a Firm Payment Method is set up in your Firm Account Settings and that all users have accepted invites and are actively linked to the firm, then…

We recommend having your firm users delete any Personal Payment Account entries in their individual account settings to minimize confusion and to ensure that only the Firm Account payment method is available when they initiate a transaction.


Make certain your firm users are aware that they must select the payment method labeled with the firm name and not the payment method labeled “Personal Accounts” even if it is the same card or bank account.


Firm Users can save time by setting the Firm Account Payment Method as their Default Payment Method under their Account Settings.

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