Rejected?!? Why on Earth would my filing be rejected?

Sad, but true… about 5% of all eFilings are rejected by the Clerk’s Office. Even though that’s a relatively small number, even one rejection can feel like a big deal… especially when it’s YOUR filing that’s been rejected.

We make no guarantees that we can prevent your eFiling from ever being rejected, but we can help you improve your odds. Read on to learn how you can set yourself up for success.

A Clerk’s Office will probably reject your eFiling if…

You attempted to eFile a document into an existing case when you were supposed to initiate a new case. If the original case was closed 30 or more days ago, most likely you need to initiate a new case.

You attempted to eFile a document that is illegible or misaligned. Double check that you saved or scanned your document in letter (8.5″ x 11″) format. Also, double check that a human can, you know, read the document.

You attempted to eFile a document into a sealed case or a document that you wish to be sealed. Uniform rules prohibit eFiling sealed documents.

You attempted to eFile a document that contains ex parte information. That’s a no-no.

A Clerk’s Office might or might not reject your eFiing if your documents don’t quite match what you selected for your eFiling. For example…

Wrong court
Wrong case number
Wrong document type

Do yourself a favor and double check your double checks. Then check again.

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