I’m a PeachCourt+ subscriber. How do I eFile a notice of leave?

As a PeachCourt+ subscriber, you can eFile one leave of absence into all of your active cases at one time with just a few simple clicks.

No searching for every case. No uploading the same pdf into every case. No worries. No hassle. Ever! Here’s how:

  1. Click My Cases.
  2. Under the Active tab, check the box to the left of Case # to select all active cases.
  3. If there are any cases that you do not want to include, you can uncheck the box next to them.
  4. Click File A Notice of Leave.
  5. Click  Click to choose your PDF and select your saved PDF file.
  6. Click Upload.
  7. Click Submit.

And you’re done! Carry on….

*Expect one confirmation email but separate acceptances for each case.

*For information about who receives eService with your leave submission, click here.

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