Document Access

All you need to know and a little more.

Good news: File-stamped documents from many state and superior courts across Georgia are available at PeachCourt. How do you get in on the action? Read on.

For those who want the highlights, welcome to our whiteboard:

A few questions you might have even after watching that compelling video:

Who can purchase documents? Anyone with a PeachCourt account. This convenient service is available to attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, office managers, private investigators, public investigators, risk managers, bankers, creditors, debtors, accountants, bookkeepers, bookbinders, bookunbinders, couriers, bike messengers, crossing guards, arborists, bus drivers, bus passengers, students, teachers, principals, hall monitors, kind lunch ladies, adult minors and anyone who lives in These United States.

How do I get a PeachCourt account? How do I register? Easy peasy. Visit our 45-second sign up page. Done and done.

Which documents are actually available? As with political parties and independent films, it is easier to describe what is not included. Do not expect to find the following documents available at PeachCourt:

  • Sealed documents
  • Any document related to an adoption case
  • Any proposed order that has not been executed by a judge

So, what does that leave? Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of affidavits, agreements, answers, briefs, certificates, complaints, decrees, depositions, dismissals, exhibits, motions, notices, orders, petitions, transcripts, verifications and anything else that you can find in the clerk’s office.

Documents from which years are available? For most courts, PeachCourt gives you access to case dockets dating as far back as 2005. In some cases, PeachCourt provides two-click access to any document. In other cases, PeachCourt can retrieve the documents directly from the court’s system in just a few minutes.

Why doesn’t PeachCourt have access to every court document ever filed? Even courts in the smallest counties handle thousands of documents each year. Large counties handle millions. In every court in the world, there will be some documents that are just never going to be available online. Why? The documents are intact in the courthouse and under the watchful eye of the clerk, but there is some legitimate reason that prevents those documents from making their way across the ether to PeachCourt. Trust us, we want to give you access to every document under the sun. If a document isn’t available, there is a really good reason for that being the case.

What does it cost to purchase a document? Thanks for asking. Talking about money can be awkward and your mother probably told you not to raise the topic in the company of strangers. We can tell we are on the way to becoming friends, so this is an easy one to answer. The price is $0.50 per page, plus a small convenience fee. Those of you who have never paid for copies in a clerk’s office might be thinking, “Hey! Fifty cents?!?” Those of you who have paid for copies in a clerk’s office might be thinking, “Hey! Fifty Cents! That’s nothing more than I have to pay when I drive there! And I don’t have to drive there!”

Which courts are participating? More every day. Check the sidebar for the up-to-the-minute list.